My Location

I am located in Melbourne, Australia

How to make a booking

Please see my contact page for details on how to book


All bookings require a minimum 30% deposit. Bookings longer than 48 hours and fly me to you bookings require minimum 50% deposit.

Deposits can be made through bank transfer, beemit or through cardless cash deposit at a Commonwealth Bank ATM.

All deposits are non-refundable.  All deposits will be for the booking type requested and cannot be used as payment for shorter booking types. Changes to booking types will be treated as a new enquiry and must be deposited as such.

I am happy to receive pre-payment for the entire booking fee, however please note all paid services are non-refundable.


Verification is for my safety; I am a discreet professional and have no interest in sharing your personal details publicly. Verification is non-negotiable 


My discreet and cosy incall space is located in St Kilda

  • Selfie with a photo id
  • Address can be covered – but name and photo must be visible


Outcall bookings will be to luxury hotels, or private residences (upon request for regular clients only).

Outcalls to private residences will be at my discretion – if I feel that the residence is unsafe or unhygienic the booking will be terminated immediately

Outcall bookings outside of the CBD require an additional fee to cover driver costs

Outcall – Private Residence

  • Selfie with a photo id
  • Name, photo and address must be visible
  • Address must match ID

Outcall – Hotel

Bookings to hotels do not require I.D. verification (as the hotel was already verified your I.D.).


Its impossible to translate a highly sensual curated experience into a un-sexy list of acronyms. Instead of asking me what services I provide please let me know what services you are interested in. This allows me to confirm your fantasy and provide information on any additional charges that may apply. Much sexier.


Deposit can be used for a re-scheduled booking if appropriate notice is given.

Minimum 48 hours notice is needed for re-scheduling all bookings, bookings over 24 hours and fly to me to you bookings will require minimum 72 hours notice to re-schedule.


Before our date:

I spend a lot of time and effort in getting ready and planning for dates, I have arranged my whole schedule around the date, as well as the ‘behind the scenes’ effort I put into admin. Therefore, I have a strict cancellation policy. Cancellations without proper notice (within 24 hours of booking time) will incur a cancellation fee of the full amount for the booking due. 

Booking cancelled with greater than 24 hours’ notice will be subject to forfeiture of deposit (see: deposit section for full details on deposit policy and re-scheduling dates).

Repeat cancellation of dates will require future bookings for be pre-paid in full. 

Termination of services:

In-date cancellations are very rare, they will only occur if my policies around health, hygiene or consent have been violated. Disrespectful behaviour or comments will also lead to an in-date cancellation. If I feel that I must terminate the session, this will be done respectfully, and the client must leave immediately. Again, this is very rare and if you respect me, my boundaries and health and hygiene policies there will be no issue!

No refunds will be given if a termination of service has occurred.

Late arrivals and no-shows

I am respectful of your time and I ask that you be respectful of mine too. Please text to advise if you are running late prior to the start time of the booking.

All bookings will be for the time specified upon booking (ie. A booking for 4pm will start at 4pm, not 4.15 if you are late). Arriving late will mean that the total booking time will be affected. 

For bookings up to 2 hours:

Late arrivals of 30+ minutes will be an automatic cancellation and cancellation policies will apply.

For bookings longer than 2 hours:

Late arrivals of 45+ minutes will be an automatic cancellation and cancellation policies will apply.

All no-shows and automatic late cancellations will incur total cost of booking fee and all future bookings must be paid in full prior.

Health & Hygiene

All services will be provided at my discretion and will require a health check at the beginning of the booking. All extras are contingent on a health and hygiene check and visual inspection. No services will be provided if any issues are detected, and the date will be cancelled. Please see my cancellation policy for more information.

I ask that anyone displaying COVID19 symptoms to please re-schedule our date, as I would do the same for you. I am triple vaccinated and my incall space is frequently disinfected to prevent the spread of viral particles. Clients displaying COVID19 symptoms will be subject to immediate termination of booking, this is for my safety and the safety of those I interact with.